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The Individual artists in order of submission:

° Karoussos Panayoti website, a highly profiled greek-canadian composer. He composed the operatic dramas: Hellenic Tetralogie "The Birth of Humanism" (Prometheus-Olymbic flame-Alexander the Great-Jesus Christ), and he founded the Karoussos Liberty Award.

° Shirley Cason - New Age Keyboardist : arranges piano with sweet orchestral and synthesized sounds to create soothing cinematic new age music. Linkpages to likewise music and free audio at site (download: listening room).

° Eduardo Camenietzki: Hino de Brazil: Popular brazilian music in zipped MP3's.

° Shigeru Kan-no: Harmonie von A bis g. Japanese born pianist, composer-conductor of classical music: Homepage. Textscores: Musica Contemporanea.

° Ozzie Perch : jazz guitarist: jazzy midifiles in MIDI: Messin' with the Squid | Flashback | Latinoids | Blue Perch | Nothing Could be Finer | Ice Station Tango | Samba a las Siete | Three's a Crowd | Calypsosis | Drop the Big One.

° Jeroen: MIDI -musician: CABF Friends, devotional music.

° Symon Tynda: Ukrainian composer of popular music. Compositions: e.g. gitary-capucine.mp3

° Lilia Valitova: Composer and Pianist - if you like Mozart, Chopin, Scriabin, pianists like Clara Haskil, original piano music, you'll like this.. Compositions, e.g. A Golden Child.mp3.





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