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European subcontinent / Europese subcontinent


  • AT&T World Directories: Europe (business).
  • (JB) Bomis.com: directory Europe.
  • BusWeb - Buses and Coaches on the Web: Index of european bus and coach operators, bus and coach manufacturers and web sites about (group)travel.The largest linkcollection on this subject (over 1000 links).
  • European Transport Directory: They provide links and other services for and to the transport industry in Europe.

  • (JB)Euroseek:the main searching system for Europe.


  • Euroferret: searchengine.
  • European Search Engines, Directories and Lists
    This is a thorough listing of search sites in Europe, broken down by country. It's comprehensive and up-to-date, but there are no annotations or other guidance.
  • (JB) Eurosearch: serach engine (see above) plus directory.
  • Euw
  • European Portal for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers - displays work by European photographers, artists, graphic designers, illustrators and cartoonists. Professional and amateurs welcome.
  • Internet-prospector: Europe: A Nonprofit Service to the Prospect Research Community - An international directory of pages with essential links to all important businesses and culture institutes on the web.
  • (JB) Open Directory Project: European countries.
  • Search engines and directories: from Globaldirect.com.
  • Search Europe.com: searchengine and directory for
  • (JB) SOSIG-Europe: the social sciences directory.
  • (JB) Yahoo-Europe




  • About.com: Suchmaschinen - German Search Engines: This annotated guide to German-language search engines, from About.com German Guide Hyde Flippo, is a comprehensive and authoritative resource.
  • Germany: Web.DE: A major German search engine and Web directory, with links to a diversity of subjects.
  • (New) Germany on the Web: The German Embassy and the German Information Center provide a wealth of information and links to a wide range of sources.
  • (JB) Yahoo Deutschland.


  • Aquiseeker:Visit the south of France with this search engine that specializes in sites relating to Aquitaine.
  • French Language Search Engines: A comprehensive guide to search engines, directories, meta-engines, and other indexes of French language Web sites.
  • Voila.fr/ Featuring an interface in seven languages, Voila's database includes more than 100 million URLs.
  • (JB) Yahoo France.


  • HuDir: is a directory of several thousand sites in Hungary. Annotations in Hungarian.


  • The Web Collection: This database of more than 1700 Icelandic sites, in its own words, "clearly shows how colourful the Icelandic web is!"


  • Arianna:Arianna indexes more than 40,000 Web sites divided into 88 main categories, and offers many other "practical services" to the user.
  • Italy: Shinyseek: A search engine and directory focusing on Italian Web sites.
  • Italy: Virgilio
    An index of more than 4.5 million Italian Web sites, including advanced search capabilities and a daily list of the top ten most visited sites.


  • Malta: Search Malta: A directory of Web sites based in the Maltese Islands.

Netherlands, the:



  • About.com: Spanish Search Engines: About's Spanish Guide, Gerald Erichsen, provides an introduction to Spanish-language search engines.



  • BBCi Search:UK Web and news portal BBCi offers a streamlined search engine that uses Google's technology and index, but provides results tailored to BBC's British audience, including searches limited to UK sites only, and searches of BBC's own content.Spare, simple, efficient and recommended.
  • (JB) British Information: British Information is a UK directory with 60 channels from Arts to Weather. Shopping, free e-mail, chat, competitions and more.
  • Guide-U directory for the U.K.
  • Look Here: UK-webdirectory
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  • Moonmist: meta search engine especially useful for UK-specific searches, also worldwide searches.
  • searchUK: searchUK only lists UK and UK-orientated web sites, and provides some powerful features for structuring and filtering your search queries.
  • (JB)The UK web library - WWLib: a comprehensive catalogue of WWW pages at sites in the United Kingdom.
  • UK Directory..
  • (JB) Yahoo U.K. & Ireland.




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