Pamphlet for a new energy policy

The Energy Question
and the Order of Time

The paradigm
for the New World Order

Your health:

Are you too heavy?
Difficulty with dieting?
Now keep the same diet
and still slim down without
getting hungry.

Follow the filognostic
method of slimming down.

Afraid of terrorism?
read the conditions.

'Everyone is entitled to a
social and international order
in which the rights and freedoms
set forth in this Declaration
can be fully realized.

Article 28 Universal     
Declaration of Human Rights     

Tired of the system?

Restore your natural rhythm
by setting your clock to the sun
with this tempometer.

The first running tempometer on the internet!

This day:

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Talk of the day:
Your webmaster talks over
the things of today,
held against the light of
the love of knowledge at this site.

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