Indian woman offering before a linga, the symbol of sexual union.

How does time relate to sex? It is a simple question that takes some time to answer properly. This article tries to formulate the basics of modern sexuality in the reality of our 'New Time'. It discusses what our nature would be, animal, human and divine, what the nature of sexual control is, what aphrodisiac modern time is with its many sexual types and motives. Modern sex as an important agent of control and change adapts itself to the culture at hand and time managed. The plea is for the acceptance of this complete reality of change and growth of individuals in the light of a New Time and New World that is not based on repression and denial as with neurotic, unconscious and materialistic sex. Time for love, love for time!



" I am the sex-life in all living beings that is consistent with its nature "

Bhagavad Gita (7.11)


How does time relate to sex? It is a simple question that takes some time to answer properly. This article tries to formulate the basics of modern sexuality in the reality of our 'New Time'.




Animal, human and divine

Sexual Control

The aphrodisiac

The modern sexual reality

The Sextypes.

The Loyal Ones

The Hero's

The Devotees.

The Conclusion




Sex is supposed to be the love of our life. And it is. Every healthy adult knows what it is and loves to do it. We long for it as if it is God Himself, and indeed Lord K. confirms this: " I am the lust, the desire that is in accord with the "dharma", the rules of the religion, its nature. " We all hope that our spontaneity for sex will be of His grace and divinity. We know us to be human and are aware not to be fully in control over something that is the Lord Himself. In fact the question is what exactly the rules for and reality of sex would be in our modern time. What does dharma or religion mean in our modern western sexual society? What kind of culture does this vedic word dharma for religion refer to in this respect?



In fact the Bhagavad Gita begins with this problem. A, on the battlefield facing the enemy that is his own family says to K. , his friend and charioteer, that he is confused about it. He complains to Him that the women get spoilt when men neglect their duties. The unhappy offspring resulting from this situation makes a difficult society and A. asks his best friend what to do. He is confused seeing so many of his relatives in opposition with him. Dharma is in the Bhagavad Gita discussed as the holy law of social order. It is synonymous with righteousness and duty. It even has meaning as a denomination for the essence of ones being, ones true nature or swa-dharma. It is the goal of self-realization. It is the mission of life to find out what your individual nature is, what you must do to be happy and fulfilled. One can translate the word dharma with religion as religion would formulate the rules for doing our societal duty, our eternal duty of righteous actions (sanatana-dharma). A-dharma then would be a lack of duty or consciousness about our duties because of which things do not work out as they should: we may pretend so, we may think it so but in fact it is an illusion: we have no grip and see a world going down instead of a problem solved. And this relates to sex. A-dharma means that our sex is not according to the rules, is not according to our own nature and it is not in support of righteousness. Adharma means that our sexlives are out of control and that our society became a big lie of being in order. The word 'order' has become a curse, a mark of untruth, the face of hypocrisy and false motives. Thus we see a society going to hell with no other future than its own destruction and decay. The Bhagavad Gita is in fact a plea to get control over our sexlives just as well as it is a plea to worship sex as it is the Lord Himself we can expect to find in it.


  Animal, human and divine

We are animals, we are humans and we are divine beings. Animal sex is simple: an instinct is enough to procreate. No marriage is needed, let nature take its course. One might eventually have to fight another male to prove oneselves to be the best, but that is all. One doesn't have to be loyal, the woman can take care and the man can go on. That is animal nature. In nature, so now and then this type of sex occurs: it is not cultivated, it is not really a habit. It depends on the right opportunity: is there enough food, is there a receptive, fertile female with the right type of genes of the right age? Is it a safe situation to breed children? Can the family be maintained? Are there predators? Is it the right season? Is it the right place? Is it the right time? Naturally sex happens as the flowering of a plant: first many conditions must be met before the plant can bear any fruit. And then it happens very natural. Completely according to ones nature. K. talking in the Gita about dharma also talks about this kind of sex. One doesn't think about it, one doesn't deny it, one doesn't seek it: it comes and goes naturally like fruits and the seasons. Now this is animal sex: it is holy. But this is not how we normally think about it as cultured beings. Culturally the story is completely different.

In culture people do their best not to behave like animals. Culture is supposed to control our nature. The animal thing is a weakness. Human weaknesses are animal propensities; one should get properly married, the man should stay with the woman and be loyal to her only. Human strength is based on human values: one shouldn't lie, steal, kill and cheat. That is what makes a safe society and hope for the future: the fact that we are truthful and not escapist in drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine or other intoxication, the fact that we are loyal in celibacy to the real cause we are living for- married or not, the fact that we share our possessions by means of tax-systems and social security or even better types of governmental control over the division of labor and goods, the fact that we respect all living beings of all races and species - plant, animal and human - or even aliens from outer space, these facts make our culture a livable and probable reality. In culture, the natural desire for procreation, the sexual lust for life is in conflict with the concept of consciousness. Lust obscures the motives called human. Lust denies the regulations of marriage or even all social meaning of sex (a socialist doesn't masturbate !). Lust wants to fight where culture commands non-violence, lust tells you to take what you want, kill for your appetite and get intoxicated for your happiness. Lust is the great enemy of social order; that animalistic thing of ours disturbs and spoils everything: our selfrespect, our honor, our conscience, our motives and our character. Nay it is all bad because it makes fools out of decent human beings.

Since we are as well natural beings ('animals') as cultured beings ('humans') things are getting complicated. We start to cultivate sex with the idea that proper regulation of sex; proper cultivation of sex, will keep the animal under control. The marriage suddenly appears mandatory and all singles seem to be suspect of being a possible threat to the status quo of regulated sex-lives. There is awareness of only two choices left: one either is married or one is obliged to a religious or another type of sanctioning social order. Anything else is possibly a mental disease or a form of crime. Culture has become a preservative for the ignorant and the religious or subcultural order has become a waiting-room for a heaven we can only speculate about. We have two worlds and neither one of them is the real happiness. We have become schizoids not knowing how to be natural cultivated and not knowing how to be happy living for our 'dharma' or righteous duty. And there seems to be no way out of this double bind of longing for order in society and longing for a society being part of a religious or subcultural order. Being a pure human being as a solution, being perfectly loyal, true, sharing everything, being of nonviolent respect for all creatures is declared a hopeless dream, unattainable ideal and impossible type of holiness. There are the two basic threats to this holiness: either one turns out to be an animal unmasked as a hypocrite secretly chasing the other sex, embezzling, getting intoxicated supporting the killing of animals for the sake of a fine meatdish, or one turns out to be a socalled 'god' , making a false authority preaching the word of God halfwitted with the obscure desire to dominate over others projecting ones own weaknesses and lack of selfcontrol and selfrealization on the other subjects of "The Lord" of the subcultural game. One speaks of human weaknesses, animal strength and divine powers, while in fact the human values make our strength having animal weaknesses and divine capacities. The divine is not there to exert power, but to provide happiness. The human is not there to be weaknesses but to be strength by virtue. And the animalistic is not such an advantage at all, since it is simply to weak to dominate.


   Sexual Control

With our schizoid cultural reality we have separated the real concept of order from the real concept of society. Originally the religious order would be the decent society and many subcultures make the same claim. Originally the natural of sex would be the sexual control of God in our holy society. By definition the society of modern time though is not in order. It is the challenge we accept for doing our jobs. In fact the modern of time is a sexual stimulant: it gives us the problem, the stress from which we desire, from which we expect to be liberated in an orgasm. Modern time as such is a demigod: it is not the original concept of time, dynamic, natural and fully divine, but it looks like it, a child can be made to believe in it, it is a form of respect for the inscrutable mystic reality of the real cyclic cosmic time that runs our souls lives after lives in a orgy of selfknowledge proving that our conscientious self-remembrance, our soul, is not just situated in our own brains. We have love with this modern time. The clock and roman calendar in fact are the real lustobject, the real form we gave God to mediate and communicate His love. By means of the impersonal mechanism of wheels and schemes, scales and hands, we are conditioned into an order that is in respect with His original nature, the nature that would preserve our real person, our souls and our identities. Anyone respecting a clock and a calender is a religious person or subcultural believer. Each one carrying a wristwatch is a devotee of 'God' or whatever social time-management sport; a kind of religious person (person driven by ritual) believing in the cyclic of 'His' confirmation and sustaining of belief. The only but is that it is not the supreme Lord we deal with setting our own schedules and schemes. In fact we follow dictates of politicians of a doubtful integrity who made great wars in Europe with a new concept of time-management in their banners that opposed scriptural precepts of time-order. The Holy christian Bible forbids the manipulation of time calling it of the beast (beast number four in D's dream) and the Bhagavata Purana prescribes 48 weeks in a year (in fact 24 fortnights that christian wise can be divided in two weeks and an extra holiday each) in stead of the 52 we are practicing (see time-quotes).


  The aphrodisiac.

How does this semi-divine aphrodisiac called modern time work? It seems to make a terrible itch going against the original scriptural purpose and natural creation or 'will of God'. To understand this first we must consider how our brains work. It has two halves that are specialized in temporal, serial and spatial, parallel duties. The natural situation is that the natural reality of cyclic time makes an integrity with the locality, the physical reality of the spatial control of an individual. This makes the natural identity and control of a person as a true-time management (aware of the passing sun-) of time and space. The brain as such is a space-time organizer constantly calculating its serial schedules to its parallel physical and emotional reality. This is the natural human being in full control of the natural definition of sex to his own localized identity, his 'here and now'. As such everything of our reality is under control to the capacity of our natural being. The culture though makes a challenge that itches: it separates (in modernity) by means of collective pragmatic manipulations against the holy precepts of the religion. The locality and true of time, each noon is called twelve when the sun is at its summit making the perfect south shadow in the exact middle of the lightperiod, is manipulated in such a way that this space-time identity and integrity with modern man is of the schizoid character we were talking about. The natural and true of time is converted to standard time the way we make coffee-creamer sterilizing, condensing and sweetening the original milk. The concept of time in modernity is separated from the locality. Scientists, so to speak, talk about the integrity of space-time right at the moment we are wasting it. We talk of something that we miss. It is modern consciousness. Suddenly, after thousands of years of civilization managing a sundial/waterclock respect for the position of the sun, we have moved to a system in which time and space are no longer one and the same reality. The exception Einstein found on the unity of time and space making time observer dependent does not lessen the argument about this schizoid estrangement from the objectivity and integrity of our natural being. Time separated from the place makes for timezones, mean time and summertime schedules. It is the creamer in our coffee and the aphrodisiac for our sexlives. It is our political passion to make oppositions of social and liberal motives. The problem is not the extra sex we have with this itching aphrodisiac or the extra alert we have with the stress of this splitting of the natural integrity of time-space, the problem is that even young children is given this aphrodisiac and even heart-patients have to drink this creamed coffee. The problem is that of consciousness: do we have a free choice determining our own destinies with coffee and aphrodisiacs, or are we victims in a bad-habits-society that is out of control with its sexuality that has no knowledge of how the actual clock and calendar makes for a halfwitted divinity in stead of the full we expected with a natural and holy culture?


   The modern sexual reality

The above mentioned cannot be undone. What is made and created politically as a cultural sex-drive against the original natural harmony and religion of space-time has become a new religion. The clock and calendar as we know it is the new roman modern creed that has its own strategies of tempting and chastising the innocent believer into an experienced daredevil of modern democratic sex and judicial culture. This new religion makes modern man a defender of a belief that promotes all kinds of free sex and self-realization, multifaith and multicultural in a style that reminds of the old roman 'pax romana' that would encompass the whole world with its polytheistic theology of greek wisdom and roman 'righteous' imposition. We see with it the same scientific excellence and wisdom as in the old days and the same roman army of the united nations settling for the same order of the same laws of the same roman calendar of the same roman emperors of the same Rome that even became holy as the pope himself correcting it to be gregorian for the seasons. We also see the same decay and the same orgies with which the previous Roman rule went down. History repeats itself and just as in the old days at losing control over our sexuality and cultural integrity we see these days a new belief emerging: it is the belief of New Age. It is the combined culture of modern psychotherapy and eastern meditation to ones own idea that makes for a new culture of selfrealization, reform, enlightenment, liberation and cultural renaissance. There are new hero's or Gods to worship, new initiations and new churches offering new interpretations of the same old religious dogma's of cultivating and checking the human values. The sexuality is reformed by the guru's and psychotherapists. No dogmatic forbidding of sin, but intelligent meditations on the sexual drive to realize the higher nature of the spirit of love. There is no real difference between the teachings of Tantra of guru O. and the teachings of the sex-therapists M. and J. telling us to take it more easy with having an orgasm, postpone a bit and love one another a bit more in stead. The scriptures themselves say that under the restriction of respecting the wise this type of meditation is permitted. Once the purpose is clear the weakness is forgiven. The only difference between the hard-core new ager and the psychotherapist is in his beliefsystem of human values. The psychotherapists try 'valuefree' to convert the people to 'greater love and fulfillment' while still eating meat and live materialistic lives without pushing for anything else, while the guru's demand that you embrace those values of being a vegetarian and sacrificing the material possessiveness of the ego, in order to be really successful in making another life (being 'reborn' for the New Time). The psychotherapist is for the beginner, and the new age guru's are for the advanced meditators. It is quite natural to realize that meditation works step by step better making more happy sharing and caring in real non-violence and sacrifice.


   The Sextypes.

The Loyal Ones

From the previous paragraphs we realize to be modern schizoids divided about our animal, human and divine natures. Our sexuality that is out of control with the modern of time could find a culture of rebirth in the New Age of selfrealization. With this rebirth we can see the 'new' types of tantric sex that align with the type of time respected. People for the natural animalistic of sex learn to restore their harmony and loyalty worshiping the real of local cyclic and mystical sacred time forgetting the 'system' of standardtime and its political and economic dictates. These people are of attachment to a partner and can restore within their marriages to the authentic of their happy natural and local social selves. They do their meditations and their sex at the same time learning that getting older together it is necessary to keep the original love, but that it also implicates to forget the original desire to accomplish, bear fruit or have a (orgiastic) result. The children are born already, the career is there already and the possessions suffice. They maintain the original bond and it is they who can persevere also in the material sphere.

The Hero's

The following category are the real hero's. They dare to be human in the first place not clinging to one partner or even one place. They dare the confrontation with modern time and take the full consequence of that aphrodisiac. They cannot cling to anything really and depend solely on the creativity of their selfrealization. They make for communities and experiments in the social sphere realizing that they have to cohere with some kind of spiritual guidance. They abridge the gap between the natural and the cultural, the political and the scientific, the religious and the spiritual selfrealization and explore the possibilities of the new consciousness. They are the ones with the new style, the innovations and the new literature. They are the light and hope for the ones who turned away from society disappointed and attached to the natural bond and locality. They are the light and hope for the ones within the system who suffer the limitations, diseases and stress of the semi-divine halfwitted culture of machines and schemes of profit and surplus money-management. They are the ones who show that the only way to have a right ego is to drop a false one; that the conscious balancing between the nature and the culture is the only way to be a real holist in respect for all.

The Devotees.

The devotees are the real martyrs of modern time. They are the ones who make the best out of the system of modern time-respect without the will to change it. Their sex is of the divine type: everything that falls outside of 'dharma' or the righteous duty they give up and all mind running out with modern time they subject to rigorous preaching and prayer. They chant mantra's or prayers and sing and swing the modern system until it rocks the heavens and makes the angels slip. They are of the father that gives the angels a new birth on this planet in full awareness of the religious duties to maintain a school of human values without which the world is lost and can never restore its peace and honor. It is their force and fortitude that directs the present system into reform and contemplation of its weaknesses. It is their contribution to realize first the proper discipline and only then opt for reforms in the actual society and contribute to its progress. Never again it may happen in the western world that just a vague idea of being an 'aryan' or civilized person can dominate on the basis of speculations and bogus teaching alienated from the authentic scriptural truths. Never again they allow false authorities to rise and dominate with racial theories that separate humans of the same human race or with ideologies that dominate and project their own weaknesses moralizing without the proper discipline. They are the ones to preach compassion and grace with the losers, sinners, profiteers and offenders of the faith who show goodness of will. It is they who subject all distinctions of class and status to the degree of commitment one has. It is from their sex that children can be born that really know how to deal with the system itself.



The actual conclusion is that modern sex is an important agent of control and change. It adapts itself to the culture at hand and time managed. The plea is for the acceptance of this complete reality of change and growth of individuals in the light of a New Time and New World that is not based on repression and denial as with the neurotic unconscious and materialistic sex that just wants to get rid for the money and is alienated from the real of human values, love and knowledge. Political reality of opposition and quarrel may exist and will not be revolutionarily attacked and altered. Only after a long process of collective selfrealization in the New Time that allows for all types of time, we may hope to see a society growing with a greater capacity for understanding and managing the different types of people, their subcultures and their sexuality. It is a society that will restore its respect for the natural order without losing touch with the human cause of justice and duty and the divine rule guiding us. There are revolutions in the new time, but these are not the typically violent political revolutions of materialistic ignorance and envy about control. These are the revolutions of self-realization that will only later be fully reflected in politics. Only slowly step by step political parties will be just debating clubs in stead of institutes of power and warfare. Only step by step humanity will realize its true identity and order and will have that order reflected in the government and other institutions.




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