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Eastern cults

Ascended masters.

A Seeker's Guide - When choosing a guru or seeking groups, ask the following questions... from Sahaja Yoga devoted to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi . Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a tangible experience which brings a new dimension to human awareness. Its benefits are felt every day by hundreds of thousands worldwide. It is entirely free of charge and you are invited to experience it yourself - click to receive your Self Realization even as you sit in front of your screen.

Babaji: the Shivavatar living at Mount Kailash from 1970-1984.

Black Peacock: Gaudya Vaishnavism :Paintings from The Bagavat Purana and an infopage about the Leaders.

Chinmaya mission Chicago Badri - A School of Vedantic Studies established to serve the all aspirants of spiritual knowledge. It is serviced by a full time live-in acharya, Swami Sharananandaji.

Look Within - inspirations of love Teachings of Elder Brother (Dadaji) free downloadable spiritual books. plus Dadaji midi-music library.

Divine Life Society (Swami Sivananda ).

Deepak Chopra homepage  : the official homepage 

Sheena 143: Symptoms of Inner Peace (from a Chopra devotee)


Gandhi linkpage

Gurus, Saints, and Seekers: Biographies of Holy Men and Women in the Indian Tradition; This page is devoted to introducing westerners to teachers from different Indian religious traditions. It consists of pictures and short life-stories of charismatic seekers, saints, teachers, and gurus from the 19th and 20th centuries who trace their religious origins to India. In addition, references will be given to help the reader learn more about these individuals.

The life of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
India's most well-known devotee of the goddess Kali

The life of Ramana Maharshi
The master of self-inquiry at Arunachala

The life of Paramahamsa Yogananda
The missionary of Kriya Yoga to America

The life of Anandamayi Ma
The "Blissful Mother" who was a channel for religious emotion

The life of Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari
The devotee of Kali who learned yoga in dreams

The experience of Gopi Krishna
The sage of the Kundalini energy

The experience of Franklin Merrell-Wolff
The American sage of Vedanta Philosophy

The life of Inayat Khan
The founder of the Sufi Order in the West

The life of Paul Twitchell
The founder of Eckankar: The Ancient Science of Soul Travel

The life of Jadunath Sinha
The scholar-mystic of Indian religion and culture

The life of Annada Thakur
The visionary founder of the temple and monastery at Adyapeath

The experience of Irina Tweedie
The disciple of a Naqshbandi Sufi Pir

The life of Vamaksepa
The unorthodox Tantric guru of Tarapith

Hare Krsna sites and other Vaishnava organizatuons. Welcome to Krishna Culture. More than 2300 products to choose from.

(New) S'rî Hayes'var das: de oorspronkelijke vertaler van de indiase klassieken in Nederland. Een site ter zijner nagedachtenis, met zijn vertalingen en omdichtingen van de klassieken, met name de Bhagavad Gîtâ en het S''rîmad Bhâgavatam canto 10 & 11. Ook voor Kinderen heeft hij een bewerking van het tiende Canto.  

Hare Krishna Sweden: New Radhakunda: Korsnäs Gard

Hare Krishna linkspagina

Bhaktivedanta memorial library: books and articles by all the âcârya's

Hare Krishna Hong-Kong: overview with links to music sits and many others. Krishna conscious musc. classical and modern impressions.

(Dutch) Sri Radha Ramanaji Ashram: met recensies en werk van Henk van Teylingen ofwel Srî Hayesvara dâsa.

Prabhupâda: Krishna Consciousness: Caitanya 2002

  Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatah: pupils of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami vandana

  Krishna folk - MP3 music archive Jay Gurudev Das is a disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada from Prague, Czech Republic. He calls his recordings "the meeting of East and West". They consist of traditional Sanskrit mantras and devotional Bengali songs (bhajans) of Vaishnava spiritual masters (acharyas) sung on popular Anglo-American, Slavic and Celtic melodies. Main instrument is guitar.

Krishna and the art of bycycle maintenance: a personal view of Rohini-suta dasa in the form of an ebook.

Colin Meijer's Krishna Art: see Colin's drawings of Krishna, Râdhâ and the other Gods and listen to him doing bhajan.

Chant and be Happy: Hare Krishna radio station: mp3's and real audio online. articles online, and make your own contributuion. bhakti audio-files.

Devotees websites: a linkpage

Krisna Hu: a nice flash site from the devotees of Hungary with H. H. Sivarama Swami. Listen to their audio-section!

Ekadasi: information on the vaishnava way of fasting (New York table provided).

Three Vaishnava Songs on the Harmonium - Easy to Learn audio page; diverse bhajans and other vaiushnava-music files, including a coversation of Prabhupâda with the beatles.

(Dutch) Gopal Jiu Publications: nederlandse krishnaboeken en strips bestellen.

Jay Gurudev das: mp3's! of classical bhajans with his own melodies.

Hare Krishna Audio Library

Radio Krishna central (Italy) virtual Homepage.

the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry Homepage. The Congregational Development Ministry is one of many Ministries in the ISKCON society, under the direction of the Governing Body Commission. The aim of the Ministry is to see that every person has the chance to practice Krishna Consciousness as taught by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, especially those who live at home with their families. As the name suggests, our goal is to facilitate the spiritual development of congregations, collectively and individually. 

Hare Krishna Audio Libray: classes and music online.

Hare Krishna News Network.

This is the story of Srila Prabhupâda told in words and pictures, mainly from the Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita by Satsvarupa Das Goswami.

An extensive library of lectures given by His Holiness Hridayananda Das Goswami in digital MP3 and audio tape format. We have lectures in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Srila Prabhupada Uvac: Offering An Unedited Work in Progress for Srila Prabhupada's 100th Birthday.

Stephen Knapp: Vaishnava links page.

Supersoul.comInformation about the Hare Krishna movement presented to you by ISKCON of North Carolina.Supersoul
-Jukebox (lectures, music, and more)
-Supersoul Forums
-Bir Krishna Goswami's Home Page

Prabhupâda's lectures.

A brief Biography of Srila Prabhupâda and a description of his Hare Krishna Movement (ISKCON).

Haribol features a large collection of Lord Krishna's and Srila Prabhupâda's trancendental images on the web. Also: downloads in pdf of Prabhupâda's books. site met programma's, artikelen en adressen voor Nederland.

Krishna Temple on-line: directory and all books of prabhupada in free downloads.

Drops from the Milk Ocean: a site of the pupils of Suhotra Maharaja where a book of vaishnav' philosophy of his hand can be downloaded: Dimensions of Good and Evil

His Divine Grace Bhakti Caru Swami Maharaj homepage.

Hare Krishna International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the Complete picture: all about the organization of Founder-Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Back to Godhead: Hare Krishna International Magazine.

Chant and be Happy: listen to the New Stuff on Hare Krishna: music, lecture, a internet radio station.

Galva108 · LGBT Gaudiya Vaishnava linklist

Hare Krishna World: Krishna news

Hare Krsna Homepage. including The Bhagavad-gita as-it-is (full text, old edition).

Radha Govinda : Bhakti Caru Swami's site.

Radhadesh: the belgian ISKCON-site of the temple at Chateau de Petite Somme.

Sastra: the Gita, Brahma Samhitha Vaushnava songs ,Siksastaka.

Bhagavad Gita as it is on line (new edition).

Revisions in the new edition.

The Hare Krishna Index describes itself as "the ultimate gateway to Krishna consciousness on the Internet." It attempts to list all web sites of the Hare Krishna movement. The official web site of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

ISKCON Amsterdam The first website of ISKCON in Amsterdam. IBIS member .

.Sri Vaishnava Home Page.

Swami B.V.Tripurari: offering his writings through the internet: excerpts. Vaishnava guru/writer.

The Complete Picture, at includes sections on their founder,  ISKCON structure and goals, literature, art gallery, a listing of ISKCON groups world-wide, FAQ, etc.

The New Zealand Hare Krishna spiritual resource network.

Haribol: website to the radha Gopinatha mandir: with pictures.

Bhagavad Gita translated in all languages by the Bhagavad-Gita Trust 1998 U.S.A.

Extraordinary PersonalitiesReflect UponSrimad Bhagavad-Gita

Avatars: The Supreme Lord Krsna's six-fold incarnations

Order Krsna-conscious literatures: e.g the The Srimad Bhagavatam

New on the internet: The Srimad Bhagavatam translated for free public use. With reference to the original translations of the Prabhupâda version. A project that will take several years to be completed. Includes the Bhagavad Gita of Order.

Hare Krishna's main directory

Kala: eternal Time: explanation of the concept of time in the Veda. Information about the Hare Krishna movement presented to you by ISKCON of North Carolina.

Sri Caitanya Saraswath Math: articles and books of the great âcârya's. Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah Sri Sri Prema-dhama-deva-stotram: The life and teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu by Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Maharaj

 Vaishnava Visions: windows to the spiritual sky: picture galleries.

The Esoteric Teaching by Bhaktisiddhartha Dasanudas: A Western Vedic Mystery School to The universal message of the one Absolute Truth that underlies and informs all spiritual paths and religious teachings. The Esoteric teaching is a pure expression of that Absolute Truth withour partisan limitations or sectarian dogma. Free access to articles, books and CDs about the Esoteric Teaching.

Hare Krishna World: weblinks to Hare Krishna sites.

The Avatara's of Krishna.

Vedi Prohit: All Kinds of Vedic Samskaras: Marriages etc., Agni-hotras & Pujas for the Vaishnava & Indian Communities.

ISCKON worldwide: the cutting edge of vaisnavism (news-site)

The German Hare Krishna Homepage

Prabhupâda MP3's

Krishna temple Mp3's (George Harrison)

'Origional Bücher von Prabhupad Online' in German (pdf)and back to Godhead issues in different languages.

Integral Yoga (Aurobindo).

Sachidanada ashramYogaville homepage.

Katha Upanishad Hymns to the Mystic Fire (Sri Aurobindo commentary on the Rig-veda).

Karunamayi Amma : meditation, private audiences, spiritual discourses. Teaches her system of meditation, but encourages everyone to seek out other wise and enlightened beings. She does not consider herself to be a guru, but just a spiritual caring spiritual mother.

U.G. Krishnamurti: enlightened master: watch and lkisten to his audio-visual materials.

-Satsang: association of people in love of the true philosophy of freedom.

- Krishnamurti's Book of Life Daily Meditations - bopok online

- Krishnamurti Foundation of America


Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes, stories etc. on him, includes a conversation he had on reincarnation. | (Dutch) Citaten van J. Krishnamurti Citaten van J. Krishnamurti over liefde, leven, bewustzijn en deconditionering. Inclusief nederlandse links.

K.F.A. Krishnamurti Foindation of America. Official Site of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America, founded by J. Krishnamurti in 1969.

Maharishi Vedic Universities Maharishi Vedic Universities offer degrees in Vedic Science, training programs in alternative medicine and business, and courses in Transcendental Meditation, health education, Vedic astrology and Indian classical music. Keywords: Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi, music, health course, education, Gandharva Veda, Jyotish, astrology, TM, university, school, enlightenment, stress, heaven, student, diet, graduate, self-development, consciousness, potential, peace, India, relaxation, happiness, bliss, unity, cosmic.

The Maharishi University of Management Electronic Library.

(.nl)Transcendente Meditatie in Nederland (Maharishi Yogi)Transcendente Meditatie (TM) is een meditatiemethode waarbij de geest geniet van een zuiver bewustzijn terwijltegelijkertijd het lichaam een unieke toestand van diepe rust bereikt. Een apart onderdeel van TM is het TM-Sidhi programma, voor geïnteresseerden beter bekend onder de term Yogisch Vliegen, waarbij door oefening tijdens demeditatie een unieke samenwerking tussen geest en lichaam wordt bereikt.

Creating Heaven on Earth: featuring the wisdom and programs of the Maharishi.(actual linkscenter to the sites of the community).

Osho, Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh

Friends of Osho .

Workingwith People for a Better World The Humaniversity was established in 1978 by Veeresh D. Yuson-Sanchez.After twenty successful years as a training institute, it is now a university.

Wide Open Windows: Chinmaya's linkpages to gurus, self realized persons and other spiritual webpages.

New Enlightened World; Osho Vision: a lifestyle of meditation and celebration.

Osho World: Vision of an enlightened master. Including all his books online.

Otoons : comics from the world of OshO.  

Poona homepage (Osho, Bhagavan Sree Rajneesh' ashram) (.nl:) Wajid, Osho MC Den Hague.

Osho talks: a collection of several sample chapters taken from different books of lectures.

Osho talks on video.

Wide Open windows: Chinmayo's linkpages with an extensive listing of (more or less) awakened teachers & selfrealized persons .

Vrienden van Osho, met een goede linkpagina naar osho-sites. books of this important disciple about Osho.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra's (interp. W.Q Judge).

Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji (Vedanta Mission) has written & managed Online Gita & Vedanta Courses: Forty Online Lessons of Bhagwad Gita & Tattva Bodha, an Introductory text of Advaita Vedanta. Every answer is personally checked and the password for the next lesson is thereafter sent. Lessons are free, the successful students are expected to send some donation to the parent institution. by.


Ramana Maharshi.

(Dutch) wil een zo compleet mogelijk overzicht bieden van alle satsang bijeenkomsten en retraites in Nederland. 

The Rama Krishna Mission Institue of Culture: The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture at Gol Park, Calcutta, is a branch of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math (Worldwide headquarters of all RKM centres and sub-centres.).

Ram Chandra Raja Yoga mission: with on-linebooks articles and lectures of the sahaj margh.

Ram Dass Information Site.

Ramana Maharshi .

Ramakrishna: Website dedicated to the Divine Mother, whose Mercy and Compassion for suffering humanity,found Wonderful Expression in the Embodimentof Satchitananda, known as Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsadeva.

Sahaja Yoga' s Historical Background - Shri Mataji : Sahaja Yoga. Shares the results of research into the origins ofSahaja Yoga. This site includes rare photographs and video footage. 

The official International Sathya Sai Baba Organization Homepage. Offering: The Vaahini's (books written by Baba Himself): a short description. Sanskrit Dictionary: taken from the Vahini's. This dictionary contains many of the Sanskrit words that appear on the International Sai Organization's web site, as well as words that appear in some of the Vaahinis. Later, it is expected to contain all the Sanskrit words that appear in the Vaahinis, with a modern phoneticized spelling. But this will take time.

His Work: mpeg beautiful documentary of 50 minutes about Sathya Sai Baba's work, his spiritual vision and mission. downloadable books written by and about Satya Sai Baba. Ook in het Nederlands.

Sai Books online.

Sathya Sai sayings: a collection.

1008 pearls of Sayings of Bhagavan S'rî Sathya Sai Baba.

Meditation As explained by Bhagwan S'rî Sathya Sai Baba.

Questions and Answers:  These quotations are taken from the Sai Dictionary of Quotations, a collaborative work of 36 Sainet devotees.


Love Blossoms from the Heart: 108 Teachings on Divine Love from Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Sai online: the Sathya Sai Baba resource... with MP3's and information on Puttaparthi and such.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Sai Baba Gita, Discourses and vahini's: with free zip-downloads.

Shri Sai Baba - Shirdi Home Page Information, Sai Devotees, Forum ,On-Line Sai Resources & Services What's New? On-Line Sai Store, Sai Aaratis & Bhajans Sai Newsletter ...offering the Sai Satcharita: a book on the life of Shirdi Sai Baba

Discourses presented by

Sing and study the Sai Baba Bhajans with a free downloadable Bhajanavali-chord-book (PDF 686 Kb)and a Bhajanotheca (also mantram's) with all the 400 official arshram-taped versions of the bhajans in real Audio:

the download RAM-files themselves:
A - B - CDE - G - HI - J - KL - M - NO - PQR - S - TVY

Sathya Sai sheet music from the official homepage.

Spreuken trekken: Trek een spreuk die bij dat moment hoort, voor jou in jou weg! Gevonden in verschillende spirituele richtingen, zoals theosofie, (zen) boeddhisme en Sai Baba.

(Dutch) Toespraken,  Mantra's, Boeken,  Audio,  Artikelen,  Fotogallerij  Links. at this site you will find the books, free for download, that Sathya Sai Baba has written himself, including His biography Sathyam Sivam Sundaram. With a gallery of ancient and personal modern krishna-art.

Official Homepage of Shirdi Sai Baba

Home Page Of Shirdi Sai Baba by the main webpage on the big master offering general info and questions and answers: sai baba giving rare intervieuws permitting questions to be asked.

"Sathya Sai Speaks" Discourses by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Both the complete volumes and individual chapters are provided, as pdf files.You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. Chapter by Chapter / by festival/event |searchengine

Sai Baba Links: Comprehensive directory of internet sites about Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Thousands of links of internet sites about Sai Baba's Life, Work and Teachings

Satya Sai Veda pratishtan: a good site for in depth study of the vedic culture.

Sat Ramana.


Welcome to the Sivananda Yoga "Om" Page ™Official Site of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers ™vegetarian recepies, questions and anwers and more.

Introductory pages on yoga of Swami Sivananda .

Karma and reincarnation: page from swami with other lectures on his yoga.

The Divine Life Society: Swami Krishnanda about Shree Swami Samarth and other saints and divine incarnations.

Yoga e-text: Swami Vivekananda - Karma-Yoga.

Itihaas: Vivekananda's Speeches at Parliament of Religion: about the intercultural situation of the world religions.

Cross-examine a website based on a 2,200 page book Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God, and its profound and prophetic implications on humanity.

The Mother Meera Homepage.

The Mother (Meera) Wikipage

Mother Meera darshan, India.

The First Trans World Intergral Yoga Classes.(Aurobindo) & Aurobino's homepage .

Yoga Sutras ( from "Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali"- by Samkhya-Yogacharya Swami Hariharananda Aranya)

Yoga Sutras read by Anand Aadhar (ook in het Nederlands)

Paramahamsa Yogananda, Selfrealisation fellowship .

Autobiography of a Yogi , by Paramhansa Yogananda Original First Edition, Copyright 1946,by Paramhansa Yogananda First free Online Edition.

Self realization Fellowship.

St. Francis of Assisi Slide Show: St. Francis of Assisi was Yogananda's 'patron saint'. Yogananda had at least two visions of St. Francis that he spoke of- one during a visit to Assisi in 1936, and another at Mt. Washington that inspired his beautiful poem, 'God, God, God'. Yogananda admired the renunciation and simplicity of St. Francis.

Ananda: Based on the teachings of Paramahamsa Yogananda a worldwide group of individuals who share the search for higher consciousness and the ideal of service to others. They express this service by offering uplifting values and techniques for achieving peace of mind and inner happiness. Ananda, which means "joy" in Sanskrit, was founded in 1968 by J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda) to support others in their quest for spiritual growth. Listen e.g. to their music; the latest CD of uplifting music or read their free online e-books:

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda
This spiritual classic has been read by millions of people. This is the original edition, just as Yogananda wrote it, without any of the countless editing changes made in later editions. Also includes all of the original photos- unavailable in later versions of the book.
The Path, by Swami Kriyananda
Kriyananda's autobiography is perhaps the most complete biography of Yogananda. The author shares over 400 stories and quotes from his Guru. The Path is full of examples of how to live the spiritual life more perfectly, through the training and example offered by Yogananda.
A Place Called Ananda, by Swami Kriyananda
This is the inspiring story of the founding of Ananda. It begins with Swami Kriyananda's personal training under his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, and continues through the struggle to build the most successful family of spiritual communities in the world today.
Shaped by Saints, by Devi Mukherjee
This beautifully written book takes you on a deeply inspiring pilgrimage to visit saints and God-realized masters of modern-day India. Written by Devi Mukherjee&emdash;a disciple of the great yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda. Experience India's spiritual richness, preserved in forest ashrams, mountain caves, and in holy places and shrines.


Veda, Vedic Culture and Its Relation To Present Culture: the linkpage of Spiritweb.

Vedanta Bringing the redeeming holistic vision of Vedanta to the world (H.H.Swami Atmananda Saraswati).

Vivekananda Centre London: The Vivekananda Centre London is a non-commercial Hindu educational organization which follows the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda.

The complete works of Swami Vivekananda.

Vivekananda Foundation.


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