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The following discussions have taken place:


After a long time picking up an email that lay unanswered in the webforum, a point has been made on the concept of globalization.

Een gedachtenwisseling over een mogelijke politiek programma dat aansluit bij de ideeën van deze site.

A discussion about the implementation of the Cakra Tempometer, a clock-design offered at this site: with Mr. Dinger engineer of the Swatch-company

A letter was send about the article on cropcircles at the time-oddities department. Another letter arrived with a FAQ-page on cropcircles.

About the color-code design there has been some discussion.

A message about the similarity between the platonian and vedic values suggesting a road to cultural integration.

A small e-mail exchange on how to master the psychology of modern time.

A mailing on the difference between the aesthetic and intellectual mind.  

A mailing of T.H.E. Servant on fruitive labor unemployment and The Order.  

A mailing about the difference between true time and real time.

This mail poses the nice question whether free elections are democratic or not.

In response to societal discussions on street violence the following was posted. (ook in het Nederlands: Over Geweld op Straat).

Een mail over armoede en de eer van de uitkeringsgrechtigde. in het Nederlands .

This letter is about ancient hellfire, social control and The Order.

A discussion concerning a Bible review called: 'Deception of Man's timekeeping.'

From the 18th of januari 2001 on we have an exchange of views on' Consciousness and Time'. Also the Association of The Order of Time is discussed.

We had a discussion on the copyrights on the material kept in the Internet Cemetery following condolence-mails from relatives and other people for Mr. James Harvey Stout, respected there.

We received an e-mail concerning the subject of reincarnation (see also our article "Reïncarnation and the Fear of Time' at the spiritual-department). It has been answered by Anand Aadhar Prabhu from

The following discussion took place in answering a mailed question on the nature of time.

A discussion (in Dutch) about the precession, the causal reasoning of this site about it and the cultures of South-America en Egypt.

An email (in Dutch) about filognosy arrived which referred to our book 'De Ether Bestaat' which we sell at our site.

Een chat (in Dutch) about the 9/11 New York disaster was held between the webmaster and Richard, personal friend.


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